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Service Level Agreement

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Service Level Agreement (SLA) - IP Transit

Our Service Level Agreements define the guaranteed quality of all services agreed between InterConnX and our customers. These SLAs apply over a specific period of time to our IP Transit service and are part of our framework agreement. The underlying document defines service level parameters and guarantees related to recurring services rendered by InterConnX Realty. The service level parameters for recurring services as stated here are monitored over a previously specified period of time and reported to our customers accordingly.

Duration of SLA

With handing over the service as specified in the order form and the service handover document, the SLA becomes effective. Unless agreed otherwise, the SLA is terminated with the termination of the underlying service.

Changes to SLAs

InterConnX Realty reserves the right to amend the SLA at any time. Any changes to the SLA will be communicated to our customers either in written or in any other adequate form.

Metering Period

Unless otherwise agreed, the metering period for all services and guarantees is one year (12 months), beginning with the first day of the month following service handover.

IP Transit Availability & Service Level

Our InterConnX Realty IP Transit Service is based on a redundant backbone infrastructure. Due to the fact that IP Transit is permanently kept under surveillance by means of comprehensive monitoring systems, it is by definition a (proactively) managed service with a high degree of availability.

Definition of Availability

Our IP Transit service is available if the respective access router within the InterConnX Realty backbone can be reached and if transit routes as well as connections between InterConnX access routers and transit routes are available. Transit routes are connections within the InterConnX Realty backbone as well as InterConnX Realty backbone connections to the respective uplink providers.

Service Level

Service Level - Gold 99.99% Availability/Year

Our Service Level Gold, which is based on a guaranteed availability of 99.99%, is only valid in connection with our optional VRRP feature (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol). That way, our IP Transit Service is connected to two different and redundant nexellent network structures.

EXCLUDED From Down Times

  • Outages caused by the customer.
  • Force Majeure or any govermental or court order.
  • Actions, negligence or failure of customer, their staff, authorised representatives, third parties or representatives of third parties who are beyond InterConnX Realty control. 
  • Shutdown due to contact termination.
  • Outage of customer devices or applications. 
  • Change request issues by customer. 
  • Faulty operation of any service with reference to our terms and conditions. 
  • Outages of any InterConnX Realty monitoring infrastructure. 
  • Pre-Announced Maintenance. 
  • Emergency Maintenance. 

Compensation is governed by the service handover document and the SLA report, which records malfunctioning and outages during the metering period of one year (12 months). The SLA report is typically evaluated 12 months after service handover and consequently forwarded to our client. All following reports are created periodically every 12 months and handed over to the customer. Compensation is credited to the following accounting period – InterConnX Realty does not offer any other form of compensation. Compensation for guaranteed availability below target is based on the monthly rent for the service. Any indemnification needs to be called for by the customer within 30 days of SLA report delivery. Any service outage with reference to the defined service level is recorded automatically by our monitoring systems and documented within the SLA report. Considering the agreed service level, downtime refers to the time from the beginning of a service outage to repair. In case outage times accumulate to more than the service level guaranteed by InterConnX Realty, the respective compensation will be credited to the customer.

Availability - Compensation 
  • 99.95% - 0%
  • 99.94%-99.90% - 5%
  • 99.89%-99.80% - 10%
  • 99.79%-99.70% - 15%
  • 99.69%-99.50% - 20%
Down times caused by previously announced maintenance works or emergency maintenance are not added to outage times.